Q Fever Vaccinations

Q fever vaccination

Vaccination is recommended for patients likely to be exposed to the infectious bacterium C. burnetti. This will provide you with a practical immunity to fight the disease. Before vaccination, we will perform a skin test to assess cellular immunity. In addition, you will be asked to provide a medical history so that it is easy to identify possible instances of the previous infection.

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Q fever is a bacterial infection caused by Coxiella burnetii. In most cases, the disease has been found to take a mild form with symptoms similar to the flu. However, the infection may lead to severe conditions such as hepatitis or pneumonia for a few patients.

Q fever is generally caused by inhalation or ingestion of the bacterium found in the milk, urine or faeces of infected farm animals, including sheep, cattle and goats. Less common modes of transmission include drinking unpasteurised mild, in a slaughterhouse, hunting or dressing infected animals.

At Drayton Medical, we have an experienced team of health care professionals dedicated to performing various lab tests, including chest X-rays echocardiography, to ensure better treatment and fast recovery.

Whether you have acute or chronic Q fever, our health care practitioners will treat you with care, depending on the symptoms. Since Q fever can be confused with other forms of zoonotic diseases like brucellosis leptospirosis, our health care providers will go through a detailed history, examination and initial screening to diagnose the disease and offer the best mode of treatment available.

Q fever treatment is challenging and requires supervised care and gentle therapy. However, our highly knowledgeable caregivers can take care of every patient according to their current conditions and symptoms and suggest the proper Q fever vaccinations in Toowoomba. 

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