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Medical practice with a long tradition

The doctors who work with Drayton Medical Centre in Toowoomba offer thorough medical consultations that address a wide range of health issues.

You can trust our experienced doctors to provide personalised care for problems that a GP would generally check or diagnose.

Our Toowoomba-based medical practice services patients of all ages.

Drayton Medical Centre is included in phase -1b rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations.

Who is included in phase 1b rollout?

Please contact us for further information.

Our services

chronic disease management

Chronic Disease Management

Avoid Complications of Chronic Diseases with Chronic Disease Management Services At Drayton Medical Centre, we know how challenging it is to battle chronic diseases. That

general health checkup

General Health Check-ups

How Healthy Are You? Find Out Through General Health Check-ups Regular health check-ups help identify early signs of health issues. Finding problems ahead of time

health assessments

Health Assessments

 Drayton Medical focuses largely on illness prevention. A comprehensive health assessment gives nurses and doctors insight into your physical status and includes a medical history



Immunisations are a simple, safe, and effective way of protecting people against harmful diseases before contacting them. childhood immunisation schedule Toowoomba protects not only individuals

indigenous health services

Indigenous Health Services

Enjoy Access to The Best Indigenous Health Services At Drayton Medical Centre, it is our priority to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait

skin cancer ckeckups

Laser Skin Clinic

Best-in-Class Laser Hair Removal Technology to Give You the Desired Look Drayton Medical Centre welcomes you to start your laser treatments today. We are passionate



Want tailored pre-employment/staff medical checks customised for your business? Give us a call. We offer a range of specialised medicals, including Pre-employment Medicals, Qld Railway

Q fever vaccination

Q Fever Vaccinations

Vaccination is recommended for patients likely to be exposed to the infectious bacterium C. burnetti. This will provide you with a practical immunity to fight the

Drayton medical womens health

Womens Health Clinic

We Put Women’s Health & Well-being on Priority At Drayton Medical Centre, we take pride in accompanying female patients on their lifelong health journey. Our