Skin and acne treatment

Skin and acne treatment options suited for individual skin needs

Acne and other skin problems are pretty common, and they do not only depend on your diet or age or such factors. There is a myriad of reasons which can result in acne and skin problems. 

Acne is an issue which enters the life one we have reached puberty. There are some people lucky enough to not deal with acne for long, other than their adolescent years, but others are not that lucky. So, they have to deal with these issues throughout their life. 

Due to the lifestyle choices we make, various complications arise from not eating healthy food, not taking enough rest, these issues have become rampant. Therefore, looking into treatment options has become necessary. 

Collagen induction therapy or skin pen therapy is one of the widely used and effective treatment procedures used by professionals all over the world. By choosing this method, you will get to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Reduction of premature aging symptoms 
  • Increase in the natural collagen level in the skin 
  • Minimisation of enlarged pores 
  • Strengthening of a weak capillary network 
  • Reduction of pigmentation 
  • Minimisation of acne scarring 
  • Refinement of texture 
  • Improvement of firmness 
  • Improved clarity and tone of your skin 

There are additional skin treatment methods such as stem cell therapy and skin boosters, but only a professional can tell if you are choosing the right treatment method for yourself or not. A consultation will help you understand what your skin needs and the treatments available.

Being safe while getting the treatment done

If you are feeling a little unsure about the treatment, especially regarding the safety and sanitary aspect, then let us assure you about the quality of our service. You may have heard a lot about the skin-pen and the micro-needling that happens and are worried about contamination. Rest assured that, we take the utmost care to keep each client safe in every way possible while providing the best possible care for them. Book your appointment for a consultation today.

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