Chronic Disease Management

Avoid Complications of Chronic Diseases

Chronic Disease Management Services

At Drayton Medical Centre, we know how challenging it is to battle chronic diseases. That is why we give our best to creating the best team of skilled health caregivers to ensure special care, improve health and help you and your family manage health.


Understanding chronic disease

Chronic disease not only impairs an individual’s physical condition but also affects emotional and mental wellbeing. It may also affect daily activities, self-image and relationships.

Chronic disease management ensures the quality of your life is managed by a health care professional. Thus, you can avoid being hospitalised, unnecessary complications and improve health & wellbeing. This will also help you learn how to take care of yourself and reduce discomfort on your own.

What is chronic disease management?

We provide self-management assistance to help patients deal with chronic illnesses, manage their health, and access appropriate services to ensure positive health outcomes, avoid complications, and reduce the risk of hospitalisation. In addition, chronic disease management acts on patients’ physical and emotional wellbeing by eliminating the discomfort experienced by the illness.

We have a team of skilled health care personnel that can assist you in managing the disease yourself at the comfort of your home. It offers you personalised care and assistance to eliminate the risk of being hospitalised.

We value individual-centred care and try our best to ensure every patient receives personalised care while considering everyone’s lifestyle, preferences, and circumstances.

We prioritise the comfortability of our clients and puts your interest first to help you fight the disease. Besides, we take the initiative to educate patients and their families about chronic diseases, risks, and self-management techniques. The assistance and advice we offer are crafted based on state-of-the-art innovations, up-to-date scientific knowledge.

Our outpatient services are designed to help you make informed choices to reduce the development of chronic disease-related complications, maintaining health and wellbeing. So, book an appointment now.

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